Sony Super Duper Music Looper

Sony Super Duper Music Looper 2.0

Super Duper Music Looper is an easy and fun way to create music
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Super Duper Music Looper is an easy and fun way to create music. It is aimed for children from 6 to 9 years old. Also it can be used by schools for exploring the fundamental basics of music creation. Super Duper Music Looper contains everything you need to create music. There is a user friendly interface designed specially for children: big buttons, simple tools and musical building blocks called loops. There are basic paintbrushes and eraser tools to remove music from the tracks, as well. Pick from nine instruments, mix them together and create a complete song in minutes. Even watch wacky animations as they dance to the music. Also there are over 700 studio-quality rhythm loops and instruments, including drums, keyboards, guitars, horns, percussion and more. Enhance your song with fun sound effects such as lasers, record scratches and cartoon noises. You can combine loops in endless way for hundreds of hours of interactive creativity. You can even plug-in a microphone and record vocals. Besides, you can send an email to anyone in the world and share their musical creations with family, friends, neighbors and so on.

Julia Galygo
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  • Easy and fun way for music creation
  • Friendly interface and simple tools
  • Hundred of sounds and effects
  • E-mail option


  • Not free
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